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Recent content by Blackfrog

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    New device wifi connection

    O , 0 .....I don't have Anafi only Bebops ...My Mavic air has a Q code to scan. I figure that the Anafi is New enough it may have that option? Good luck let us know if you find out something.
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    Lost signal on Bebop 2

    Hello everyone greetings from New Mexico. This afternoon I was flying my Bebop2 with a fly pad and an LG smart phone. it lost signal and she returned home on its own only to hover at 7 feet and just sit there until the battery died. I could not reconnect with any phone available. Samsung S5 ...
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    Just got my hands on a Bebop 2.

    Hello everyone I recently purchased a Bebop 2. It works great so far. My concern is It will only fly 30 meters high. I'm using a fly pad controller and was wondering if that was the issue? My settings are at Max also. Just looking for ideas.
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    Refurbished Bebop ?

    Cool thanks. I'm sorry I just responded but I haven't logged on in a while. I just got my hands on a Bebop 2 it's awesome.
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    New to Parrot

    Hello friend from night time southwest America. Checking in first time. Had a question about old Bebop I bought online.
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    Refurbished Bebop ?

    Hello everyone I was looking over the flight logs in a refurbished Bebop and notice that it has 379 flights and 7 hours time on it does that seem normal ? Does it consider it a flight every time you turn it on?
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    New to Parrot

    Good evening all from Albuquerque New Mexico USA