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Recent content by Rathamar

  1. Rathamar

    Why is the video showing vibration? How to fix this?

    After you posted the send clip, to me that looks like turbulence. At that spot was the breeze/wind doing anything out of the ordinary, such as an up draft? I have seen that before on one of my other drones, and the cause was an updraft that happened when I was filming in a cliff/valley. It...
  2. Rathamar

    4K editing

    I use Hitflim Express on the PC. It is compatible with both Mac and PC. It really has a full suite of features with I did not expect with a free editor, I was just looking for something to cut things together quickly on my surface (believe it or not it runs on a Surface Pro 3), but I now use...
  3. Rathamar

    Official iOS FreeFlight6 + offer for 1$ for FlightPlan & 1$ for FollowMe

    Thanks for posting this - I checked after I got the email but they were still full price on Android - I just went back and checked and they were the sale price! I even had enough play credit from doing surveys that it cost me nothing!
  4. Rathamar

    Five DNGs straight from the bird

    Here are couple of mine - I really like this Camera
  5. Rathamar

    Android: Make pics & video download work

    Just saw a post that you have to connect to the drones wifi to make it work - I have not tried yet so I cannot confirm but as next time I get out I will give it a try
  6. Rathamar

    Photo transfer.

    Ha that is how you do it ! I was trying with just the cable connected to my phone and I couldnt get it to work. I will have to try connecting to the wifi and see if that works.
  7. Rathamar

    If you have a source for ND filters post them here please

    Lens Filter Set for Parrot ANAFI Drone - Amazon
  8. Rathamar

    Phone & Tablet Compatibility List

    Essentials Phone works
  9. Rathamar

    Specification of firmware update

    Has anyone with the download issue with Android tested to see if it works now?