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An interesting response from Parrot Customer Service


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Jul 17, 2018
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I asked Parrot Customer Service a question via email regarding the FreeFlight 6 screen layout on my Apple Ipad Mini 4 tablet I am using for the Anafi. Here is the response I got:

Hi Thomas,

This is Ben from Parrot support team and I am happy to be helping with your case # *********, concerning your Parrot Anafi.

Kindly note that when using the Anafi Drone, we need to download the Freeflight Pro App and not the Freeflight 6 App. As Freeflight Pro App is the only App that is compatible with the Anafi Drone.

It is always our aim at Parrot to provide you, our customer, with top quality service to the best of our ability.

Customer Support Agent
Office Hours: Monday - Friday 7:00 am - 5:00 pm
PST1 (877) 972-7768

To ensure we receive your response, please do not modify any formatting or content of the original message (including any reference codes or footers).
Yes, that’s a funny answer ;o)
I was wondering how they can let new support agents answer without training or first validate their answers by a senior support agent prior release to a customer...
Then I checked the signature :

Customer Support Agent
Office Hours: Monday - Friday 7:00 am - 5:00 pm

... well at least you didn’t call the French support team: They would never answer that early !!! 7:00 am !! There are people in the world where support teams do answer at 7:00 am ??

Regarding the iPad 4 mini layout (that I fly with), the French support team answered me that tablets are not officially supported on FreeFlight 6, but I sent them some suggestions (full visibility of the battery status that was almost invisible, GPS icons, Bracketing options where not readable...) and I was pleased to see improvements in the new releases of FreeFlight 6.

I also find some icons are too big for the size of the iPad 4 Mini Screen (mainly in the FlightPlan option). So I will send the French team some new suggestions and I’d be glad to transmit them your suggestions to if you wish.

Philippe (who’s gonna have a bowl of coffee because it’s 7:32, and still too early to understand time coordination in a country that covers several time zones...)
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