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Anafi aftermarket battery tests?


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Aug 14, 2019
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Do the aftermarket batteries have the same firmware as the oem, if not what problems would be caused.
and is anyone flying them? How do you like them?
I fear a shutdown midair and afraid to use them with the anafi oem have the actual firmware and I dunno what is in the aftermarket, if it even matters.
This is just my opinion on the after market batteries but Parrot would not produce their own batteries. They would hire a supplier to supply batteries for their products. GI FI makes batteries for many different drones. I have used there batteries on my Yuneec drones and they are as good if not better then OEM. They make them for the Anafi and could very well be Parrots supplier trying to get rid of old stock.
Started looking around on the GI FI web page. Looks like the sell the battery without cells for a cheaper price. Guessing this would give the option to find maybe bigger cells noidea.gif

Also the GI FI battery listed on Amazon says its a upgraded battery. Giving a long flight time.
  • HIGH CAPACITY | Replacement smart battery for Parrot Anafi P-Anafi with longer flying time (6-8 minutes longer than original battery)
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Hello all! New here and a recent achiever of a part107 certificate.
I have been looking into batteries as well and it seems that the only thing I can do is get something used that is OEM. Kind of a bummer. I have been seeing the after market batteries a lot when I search for them. It also seems as though not a lot of people on the forums have even tried them. I am considering getting a battery and testing it out for everyone.
I am embarking on this endeavor because I would like to fly longer for drone gigs especially since I like to fly in my back yard for a couple minutes to ensure that the drone is calibrated and trimmed correctly. I should be able to purchase the battery in a week and when it comes in I will charge it up and test it out.
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Not sure but I think Drone Nerds may carry Parrot OEM batteries
Thank you for this information man. I really appreciate it. I have been searching for a while now. I was having a hard time justifying the price of a non OEM battery. $100 for non OEM, $100 for OEM with questionable wait time due to availability or $120 from drone nerds. I will shoot them an email or maybe even call them in the AM to see if they have them in stock.
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I did buy an aftermarket battery for the anafi for flight tests, 5-8 feet off ground.

Reluctantly, I am not seeing anyone use them here. I WON'T be providing any feedback on them.
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