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Anafi, connection and turn off issues.


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Mar 15, 2019
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I took my Anafi for a few vacation shots, it was fully updated (android), and the remote and the drone.
The first flights, went OK, no problems, but then later that day it wouldn't connect, and the drone wouldn't turn off either.
I had to remove batteries to turn it really off the lower fan of the drone as it kept on.
When it couldn't connect I took the phone off the transmitter and did a wifi scan, I didn't see the drone.
At the hotel room, I tried again to connect, it worked (??) and I could transfer the video to my phone (i didn't fly it indoors).
But u still had the strange turn off problem, Eventually I removed the batteries, and repeated turning on, to try to turn it of with no luck.
The next day I could fly it again,but with the same turn-off problem.

I notice when I cannot connect to it, that the drone turns on normally, but it doesn't wiggle the camera (as it does when I can connect) before the flight.
The transmitter keeps pattern bleu, white bleu white lights.. nothing happens, while the transmitter is close in range and pointed at the drone.

Since it didn't respond well to "turn of" which is I believe a very short but deep push on the on/off button (less than 1sec), I wonder what I should do.
I tried pushing the on of button for long periods but to no effect (25 sec), which make me wonder how to turn off the drone (am I doing it right ??).
Might the connection problem be related to it ( is the drone not fully awaken but in some sort of sleep mode? )

What can cause the drone not to connect to the transmitter, I've had no accidents, did not hit anything.
Although for the last flights I had to do the hand landing (taking the drone by hand and turn it over 180 degrees upside down)

I just took the drone again (transmitter battery empty but had some juice left in drone) to see if 180-degree turn would should it down
But then it started the wiggle camera (a clear sign of proper turn on to me), but since motors were not spinning it did not turn off (lower fan kept on), though it now did respond to on off.

I've tried to contact parrot but not even a message that my support call did arrive

So I'm asking the expert colleagues here:
  • What's the proper way to shut it down (so the heat fan also goes off ? ). how long you press the button, are there some special ways ?
  • What can be the connection problem?, some days it works others not, no crashes have happened ever (not hitting a tree or so).
    As I was in the middle of a nature park when this happens it cannot be that something jammed the signal I believe.
    (there were no other wifi source in range, or large metal objects)
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Rodrigo del Pedregal

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Mar 27, 2020
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Quite difficult scenario to find the cause of the issues
1. normally to shutdown the drone is just one click on the battery, turning 180 degree when motor are spinning will be register as a crash
2. Did you tried to connect without RC , only using you mobile device?
3 .Did you tried to use another USB cable?
4. Did you noticed any change in the performance of RC relate to the battery? If the battery is wick will not have power enough to connect
5. check this Quick troubleshooting


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Mar 21, 2020
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I sometimes have the same issue. The (non)connection is related to the proper handling of the startup by the drone. In gumball movement == no connection. Drone seems to be stuck in startup routine. I have the feeling that temperature is related to it - taking the drone inside the car often solves the issue, even with same battery. I will follow this topic with interest ;)

Clear flight

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Jan 14, 2022
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I am experiencing the same problem, I'm a new anafi owner. But some times I got out and it will not connect but will turn the fan on and flash blue... I have to fully remove the battery to turn off... I have it in plane mode WiFi off and such all updated and so on... its like it picks and chooses when it wants to fly which is so frustrating because when she does fly it's a brilliant bit of kit. My bebop2 never let's me down but sadly the camera is not good enough now. Could this be weather related or software issues... as I said all is updated and firmware updated...

If any information is available it would would greatly appreciated...

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