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Anafi flight times, how long are you getting?


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Feb 22, 2019
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I am curious, what flight times are people actually getting with the Anafi, and what % battery level is indicated at the end of the flight? Please mention the wind conditions if you post.

Thank you.
The longest I ever got was just over 26 minutes in no wind. I can't tell you the battery levels remaining, I know I overrode the landing warnings a couple of times, but it's Summer Downunder, so was quite safe to do so. I wouldn't try that in the cold that some of you Northern hemisphere types live with. Unfortunately, when reloading the FF6 app onto my phone, Parrot created a separate account for me, even though it's using the same email address as previously used; so I can no longer access all of my flight data! There's only 20 flights there in the history, when I have made over 100... :unsure:
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24 min 26 sek on hovering 50 cm over the ground and 2% power left on landing.

Warning, it's probably not good for battery health to discharge it so much !!! ;)

Regards Leif.
I've had my Anafi since early February and temperature has been about 5-10 deg C each time I've flown.

Longest two flights have been 24 min 21 sec (battery 100% -> 2%) and 22 min 19 sec (battery 100% -> 12%).

Both times I'd say there were light winds.
Ya I prefer to land with at least 10%, both to spare the battery a bit and as a safety margin.

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