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Anafi fly away.... Parrot contact advice...


Jan 4, 2019
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Just had my Anafi fly away from me to God knows where straight after take off. Just got back from trying to search for it but no luck. Does anyone know the best route to contact Parrot about this? I am guessing that they won't offer much in the way of anything. Anyone had the same thing happen and can give some advice on what if anything I can get Parrot to do?

I always thought that the complaints of fly aways were from people who didn't know what they were doing / 1st time users. I have had this for a few months now without any issues (other than being disappointed with the film footage quality but thats by the by) and now this happens. Everything looked good pre-flight, the same as it was always does so pretty pissed off at the moment.
Yes mine decided to just take off into the bush. Parrot will replace them if you jump through all their hoops. They made me fill out a form and send it back with as much info as possible.
Anafi Just Went Crazy

How long have you owned the Drone?

What was the date and time of the incident?

What piloting device was being used?

Were you using a Smartphone/tablet at the time, if YES what model & software version?

Were you using Touch&Fly, follow-me, Magic dronies or Autoshots at the time of the incident?

Were you using Flight Plan at the time, if YES please send a copy of the plan mapping along with the animations screen?

Can you please provide a screen shot for the piloting application showing the drones information screen (Within FreeFlight tap on the drones name) Example below:


Were there any error messages displayed at the time on your piloting device?

Did you have the Geoffence within FreeFlight Pro activated at the time? If so, please provide a screen shot of the settings

Do you recall the distance from you at the time?

Approximately what height was the Drone at the time of the incident?

Can you recall how long you had been flying for at the time?

Can you indicate the approximate battery status at the time?

Do you have any video footage or pictures from the day in question?

Have you managed to locate and retrieve your Drone since submitting your inquiry?
Within FreeFlight Pro we have the facility to locate the last known location of the drone, just tap on the Map and your smartphone will guide you to the location. This is the last known location when the two devices were connected.

Kindly Provide us with the following as well to proceed further with your case :

1.Original proof of purchase with :

?A copy of the receipt(Showing the date , place of purchase , as well as items purchased).

2.The Serial number for the Parrot Anafi. This is an 18 digit code starting with the letter "P", located under the battery of the Parrot Anafi or from the application:

3.A picture('s) of the box for the Parrot Anafi .

4.Mailing address:



7.Zip Code:

Kindly note that parrot's warranty for it's products is 1 year for the product itself , except for consumable parts(like batteries) which are covered for 6 months.

Finally, could you give more details about your observations at the time, circumstances, what happened and what did you do etc?

It is always our aim at Parrot to provide you, our customer, with top quality service to the best of our ability.
If you can grab the flight log file (*.json) from your controller device whre FreeFlight is running, you can create a KML file for GoogleEarth to see speed and direction as well as the last sent position of the bird.

Drop the file to this application and hit 'Convert' to create the KML file.


Hope this helps to find the drone.
The problem with Parrot is if the Anafi gets powered down or loses connection it will not update the .JSON file till the next time you power up the Anafi. On mine I had 214 flights. The 215th flight it took off and it never updated the last flight as the Anafi lost power and could not be found. The only thing we have for finding them is the last known location map in the App. People say it is pretty darn close to where you will find the UAV but it all depends on where it ended up. If it landed in tall trees it is darn near impossible to see.
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Thanks Agustine andh-elsner you have both been a great help. I will give the flight log tip a go now!!!!! fingers crossed :)
no luck with the app. As Agustine said, the flight doesn't appear :( 1 more look tomorrow and then off to contact Parrot. I couldn't see anywhere on the Parrot website explicitly to contact them about a missing drone. Is there a link?
Not really
I used the US one. Went to their website and used the contact support option. They actually answered in a day wanting more info. The options on their page sucks big time but it was the only one I found other then phoning them.
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Same here. I'm still jumping through their hoops. I bought an Anafi on ebay and they're saying they still need a proof of purchase. They said the receipt from ebay is just an order confirmation. I'm not sure what their issue is. It's not like they're saying I didn't buy from an authroized retailer. They just don't like the receipt I'm giving. I don't know. Anyway good luck!

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