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Anafi RAW samples?


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Dec 2, 2018
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Hello everybody!

I'm considering buying the Parrot Anafi, but I would be curious to see some RAW images first.

I've tried Googling but with no success. Is anyone here available to share something? :)

Hmm I guess we could use something like Dropbox, Google Drive, WeTransfer, or similar. I'm pretty sure a couple of raw files are less than 100 Mb :)
I just found one that is 88.1MB , still have no idea unless that one had been edited and ended up a larger size file.
After running one of the 40.9MB files through lightroom and exported it as a DNG the file size dropped down to 22.9MB so the smaller file size ones must have been edited at some point in time.
How can you have DNG files arround 25MB .... mine are arround 41 MB ?

Sometimes the content, exposure and noise levels makes dramatic chances to RAW files size. Even pre-baked raw files don´t change it's size as original data isn't touched, only metadata and sidecar files get added and are very small...
I allow myself to show one image on the way that I think it should be made with regard to natural colors.

However, there is another thing that is wrong with the image. Is there anyone who can see what ?

View attachment P2410254x.jpg

Regards Leif.
The underexposed, color cast, soft "70s film" look that really isn't at all to my liking doesn't let me see anything else that may be wrong with it...

My take attached. Ned to "open in separate window" or the forum mangles the sharpness.

I wonder what editor was used that changed the file, a "proper" one should not touch the data, only write metadata.


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