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Anafi revving when stationary after crash


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Aug 14, 2019
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The anafi recently crashed and repaired the upper right arm. Height and distance to controller telemetry is off by a couple of feet. Spun re calibrated so the anafi flies as it should and re calibrated controller, but is reving with no thumbs on sticks, my guess is that one of the arms is over weight after gluing, and the actually rev is the drones computer compensating for the added weight on that one arm. It is also yawing to the left slightly(compensating for glued heavy arm?) with no stick input. Anafi weight with glue added after repair and without battery is 190 grams is this the correct factory weight? Thoughts on yaw and telemetry distance being off?
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I don’t think you have a weight imbalance problem, rather an internal sensor and/or controller problem. This month, I too broke and repaired the front right arm of my Anafi. I super glued it with a couple of dabs of Gorilla Clear Grip contact adhesive. (See attached photos). Then recalibrated and test flew the drone. it was very stable, even with the added wt of new propeller guards I purchased from Walmart.
Have you checked that all of the motors spin freely and that there is no dirt trapped in the motor bell or a slightly bent shaft?
Also have you replaced, or microscopically inspected, all of the propellers for damage and do they all move freely on their pivots (which are not bent)?
Your glue don't look like it's gonna be strong enough. Yeah nothing in bells, props were all changed recently so not that. shafts are hard(because of 2 bladed props) to tell but look ok. I sanded down the side ridding of extra glue and took it for a test flight. Changed cable to sc3. Extreme quitness. It is not revving or noticeable yaw. Does revv when a small gust of wind comes up, normal to stabilize. In FF6 I turned off banked turn on drone and fixed horizon ticked off then dynamic horizon on for gimbal. Height and distance measurement still off by quit a bit. re calibrated phone GPS hoping to fix measurement problems, will test in next flights.
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