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Anafi, spare battery and two cases (UK ONLY)


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Apr 26, 2019
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Hi Guys. I bought a Parrott Anafi earlier this year and bought a few extras, but due to an overbearing Wife, young children and about as much freedom as a prisoner in solitary confinement, I’m considering moving it on, I'm hoping that someone will be able to put it to good use.I bought the drone, fully insured it through Cover Drone (checked and not transferable sadly) and since doing that have only managed a few flights, most being at my local park, in fact, most just to kill the batteries off after I charged then up with the best intentions…….lolThe batteries are both in good order, always being run down to 30% and then stored, but never lower than 30%, so both are fully healthy.The drone itself has never been crashed, but does have one or two marks on it through transporting etc, still running on the original props.The controller is perfect, no marks, no blemishes, perfect.All firmware has just been updated to the most up to date version through the Parrott Free Flight software, so both the controller and the drone are fully up to date.I have all the packaging, box etc that the drone came in, I also have the original spare props, USB C leads (swapped the original with two smaller leads which fits the controller FAR better).I have also bought a case to store the drone in and a controller case to transport to/from flights as well as a battery storage bag.Feel free to ask any questions you may have, many thanks.

Stockton on Tees, UK

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May 21, 2019
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How old please? How many flights (check in flight app, maybe screenshot?)

Where was it bought from, and do you have the receipt still. You say batteries, how many does it come with please?

I’m pretty local to you as well so could see it flying/pickup.

I keep checking Amazon for price drop, it’s not best time for drone flying weather wise so was going to leave it for a while.

The insurance, how long has it left? Do you get refund for cancelling it? If not maybe worth keeping and if could help with a claim if worst happened? How much was it for a year, and what does it cover?

And the million dollar question...how much for pickup?

I feel you on the limitations though! Been there...well still am I suppose!!


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