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Anafi Thermal storing videos, but not pictures.....


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Jun 2, 2021
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Greeting All...

Newcomer here, but there appears to be a wealth of knowledge on this forum. I thought I would post my issue and see if anyone else has seen it. We have started having a problem in that it will save videos, but not pictures. A list of symptoms follows.

UAS appears to take pictures correctly as the screen flickers and turns black and white for a second or so.
Does this operating from a flight plan in Pix4D, or utilizing Freeflight6, by all indications it is working properly.
No pictures stored on SD card.
If I switch to thermal, it will not allow me to switch back to regular photos.
Still have streaming video during flight

What I have tried:
All software/farmwear has been updated for the drone, controller, batteries, and tablet.
Have tried different cable between controller and tablet.
Tried different SD cards, including brand new ones.
No change.

The drone has recently been in a crash which broke the front right arm and damaged the internal hinge for that side. I got headquarters to send me a "donner" drone (one that had previously been crashed) and I replaced the arm and hinge using that. I have done two projects using about 20 batteries since I repaired it with no issue. Point being, I have a spare camera and mother board. Any ideas which I should try first (assuming all the connectors are fully plugged in)? Any help would be appreciated!!! Thanks all!

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