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Ascend descend issues.


Jun 19, 2020
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So I bought a used Mambo a couple months ago and I love this drone, but I'm having issues with ascending and descending on it's own. Usually right after take off it goes up then tries to go down and once I get it about eye height it keeps climbing. I don't think it's the remote stuck in any position. I blew on the sensor and wiped down the camera to make sure no dust or anything is in there. When I do get it flying normal once in a while when I do a flip it will flip and descend to the ground. I thought it might be the sensor and being indoors, but it's happened outside as well. I'm not sure what else to check. I just wanted to see if anyone else has experienced or heard of this and has a fix or a reason?
I get that every now and then,mostly indoors,it could be few issues like not enough light in room for vertical camera to properly work,shiny tile floor,shiny hardwood floor,light color carpet (in my case it didnt wanna take of outside from frozen snow,placed it on cardboard and it took off)or simply issue with firmware....try reset,place battery in mambo,wait for flashing green lights,press and hold power button(belly of mambo)for 10 second and release it,wait for light to start flashing green before you connect it to flypad......note; make sure before you take off every time to place Mamo on flat level sutface,go to freeflight mini settings,hit position and then hit Flat Trim,now you can go back to flying...flat trim resets all sensors and helps mambo stay more stable
The Mambo uses a barometric sensor to hold altitude.
But the air pressure is always floating a bit.
As I was hoovering with it indoors all windows closed, my wife left the room with slamming the door. The drone fell to the floor. :eek:
Así que compré un Mambo usado hace un par de meses y me encanta este dron, pero tengo problemas para ascender y descender por sí solo. Por lo general, justo después del despegue, sube, luego intenta bajar y una vez que lo llego a la altura de los ojos, sigue subiendo. No creo que sea el control remoto atascado en ninguna posición. Soplé el sensor y limpié la cámara para asegurarme de que no hubiera polvo ni nada allí. Cuando lo hago volar normal, de vez en cuando, cuando hago una voltereta, se voltea y desciende al suelo. Pensé que podría ser el sensor y estar en el interior, pero también ha sucedido en el exterior. No estoy seguro de qué más comprobar. Solo quería ver si alguien más ha experimentado o oído hablar de esto y tiene una solución o una razón.
Como lo pongo en modo ACRO me gustaria desactivar los sensores
You can compensate for that by putting a small piece of foam over the sensor. Makes it reacting much slower.
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