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Banked turns on by default in video mode but not sport mode?


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Jan 3, 2019
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Adelaide, South Australia
Hi all

I'm new here - just got a bebop 2 FPV kit a few days back. My first drone, and I'm loving it so far!

I'm curious about one thing: does anyone know why 'banked turns' is enabled by default in video mode, but not in sport mode? I would have thought the other way round would make more sense. For best video footage you want slow and smooth turns and level video, so having banked turns on is just another correction that has to be done to the image to level the horizon. For sport mode, banked turns make sense as it's more fun and dynamic, especially in FPV wit the horizon levelling turned off. I can't understand why these default settings are as they are - anyone have any ideas? Is there any benefit to having banked turns on for shooting video?

You haven't set your Roll Stabilization. Go to your Video settings and click it. Problem solved.


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You haven't set your Roll Stabilization. Go to your Video settings and click it. Problem solved.

Thanks Hawkeye, I really appreciate the quick response.

I think I wasn't very clear in my original question, though - I do use roll stabilisation, I was just curious as to why it would make sense to have banked turns enabled by default in video mode. It seems to me that to get the best image quality you'd want to do as little image processing as possible - so why use banked turns and then correct the image with roll stabilisation when you could just switch off banked turns and presumably require less post-processing to keep a level horizon...?

Perhaps there's some obvious benefit to banked turns that I'm missing - or maybe parrot meant to set the defaults the other way around, with banked turns on by default in sport mode but off in video mode.
OK, at the risk of replying to my own question, having thought about this some more it now makes more sense. 'banked turns' is really just automatically adding roll when you apply yaw to give a coordinated turn. Presumably pilots flying in 'sport' mode want normal independent control of yaw and roll.

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