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Bebop 1 body is heavier than bebop 2 body

Waldo Pepper

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Sep 1, 2018
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Throwing this out there, maybe others will be surprised as I was seeing bebop 1 body is slightly heavier than bebop 2 body.

Enjoy the tinkering part of this hobby, always searching for ways to enhance performance. With bebop 1, it’s a great drone but doesn’t handle rough winds as well as bebop 2.

Replaced bebop 1 body with a bebop 2 body, and added larger props slightly larger than bebop 1 propellers but smaller than bebop 2 props. Surprisingly, bebop 2 body is lighter than bebop 1 body. Coupled with the larger props, bebop 1 now flies 4 mph faster than a stock bebop 1.

Will post pictures of weight differences below, bebop 1 body is 50.1 grams, bebop 2 body is 49.1 grams. Not much difference, but the bebop 2 aerodynamic body and larger props takes this bebop 1 up a notch. Faster speeds and handles rough wind much better, flight time about the same but it travels more area due to its faster speed.

Thanks for looking,
Paul A4B5F311-0789-4326-B10A-29ED95D5A29C.jpeg E24E6A7B-AFC8-4ABA-8E3E-69467A64270D.jpeg 37BF98EA-CE24-4A15-A4F6-3FCB881D7E5F.jpeg

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