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Bebop2 vs POWER Question


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Jul 27, 2018
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Aside from the nosecone color and the different mainboard (which I suspect is firmware only difference), what else is different between the two? I know the POWER has a battery with higher mAh, but I'm not sure if the POWER battery is pin-compatible and package-compatible with the base Bebop2, or if the Bebop2 firmware will recognize the extra mAh in the POWER battery.

Has anyone tried to run a POWER battery on a base Bebop2?

I'm asking because I can get a really, really good deal on a NIB Bebop2 FPV, but I want the extra battery life from the POWER.

I now use bebop 2 Power batteries with my bebop 2, extended flights and a few times gotten 29 minutes which is pretty good.

Power batteries require it’s own charger, standard bebop 2 stock charger will not fully charge a Power battery.

I ordered my Power charger and Power batteries direct from Parrot, fast shipping. That’s all I use now, power batteries.

Good luck, happy flights
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Thank you SO much for confirming and clearing things up for me. I think I might treat myself to some new UAS this week :D

Do you run stock firmware or ArduPilot?
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Hello, glad to be of help. I run stock firmware with Solaris booster mod on bebop 2, Sky Controller 2 with Solaris Booster mod as well.

Fantastic piece of equipment, bebop 2 is one terrific drone.

Enjoy, you’ll like the Power batteries,
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So does the battery percentage on the app work properly with the higher mAh POWER batteries as well? Everything is good, with the exception that I need the POWER charger?

Yes, With flight app (Free Flight Pro). The battery percentage icon shows the battery strength level with Power batteries.

And yes, you’ll need to purshase the Power Battery charger, I suggest buy everything from Parrot Store. Prices are lower in most cases compared to dealers/sellers on eBay, and Parrot ships fast. You can even order the Power nose (black) from parrot, great low price.

Good luck, enjoy the hobby.
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