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Best accessories to get and why


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Jul 17, 2018
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Hi all, Just put in my order for an Anafi and will be receiving it next week. Just curious, what accessories have you bought to go along with your Anafi? Any "must haves"? Any that you would not buy again? Which one worked the best? Thanks!
  1. ND filters. This is really the only must have accessory.
  2. Protection for controller sticks. This isn’t a must have, but it’s “needed.” The 2 best options are:
  3. USB C wall adapter(s) with power delivery (“PD”) to fast charge.
    • Anker adapters seem to work for me. I have 60watt adapters, but that’s actually overkill. I wanted to also be able to power a MacBook).
Stuff that’s needed for the typical DJI Mavic that you don’t need:
  1. Custom pack or hard case. The Anafi comes with a great case. Just throw it in a backpack, a water bottle holder, or stuff it into a jacket pocket.
  2. Gimbal clamp. They built the gimbal clamp into the case it ships with.
  3. Landing gear extentions. You can launch the Anafi from your hand, and catch it (if you’re careful), so leg extenders aren’t really needed to clear tall grass, dusty dirt, mud, etc. They just addd weight and cut down on flight time.
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Thanks for the list. Question, do you put the filter on before drone initialization or after? Also, should I pick up another usb c cable as only one is provided?
I have the Freewell filters also. I can have mine on when starting the Anafi but I have seen others on Facebook say the camera fails initialization for them. Not sure why they are having problems as that was a selling feature Freewell used when they first came out.
I would get yourself a good USB-c cable
Something like these are very good.
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Thanks for the list. Question, do you put the filter on before drone initialization or after? Also, should I pick up another usb c cable as only one is provided?
I put them on before powering up. They clear the test. The only time I got a failure was the very first time. Turns out I hadn’t completely pushed the filter in on one side. It was barely perceptible, but the tolerances are very tight. Since then, never had a problem.
I got a set of the landing gear extensions which are pretty cheap.

Easy to fit but very difficult to get off.

Also as Anafi normally lands on its belly along with its legs I wonder how much strain a hard landing will make on the four arms without the belly support...

Anyone actually tried them?
Ya thats the set I have. I use the ND4 on cloudy days so it pretty much stays on all the time. There is a good range in that set. This is why I bought it.
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Just bought a cheap set of filters for the Mavic Pro. They seem to fit Anafi.

One still has to power up the drone first and trying indoors it does not seem to cut off the field of view.

Anyone tried a flight with them?


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I tried a flight with a Mavic Pro filter on (set with 4x filters, case, dust blaster and gloves cost £6.50) works for 4K video but for still photos the filters round corners show up in the image.
I tried a flight with a Mavic Pro filter on (set with 4x filters, case, dust blaster and gloves cost £6.50) works for 4K video but for still photos the filters round corners show up in the image.
Use the Len adjust for Anafi in Photoshop or Lightroom and the vignetting should disappear.
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I also got one of these tablet mounts which I tried today with my phone.

The phone was a lot better grip but the weight of the phone tends to try and shut the controller lid due to the position of the weight.

The mount actually holds my Lenova Yoga tablet with bulky round base but it being heavier the lid of the controller just wants to shut.


I also got one of these tablet mounts which I tried today with my phone.

The phone was a lot better grip but the weight of the phone tends to try and shut the controller lid due to the position of the weight.

The mount actually holds my Lenova Yoga tablet with bulky round base but it being heavier the lid of the controller just wants to shut.

Looks very nice! Thansk for sharing. Do you use any other accessories?
Here are the accessories that I've purchased or am planning to purchase for my Anafi. Some, I consider important to have; others are nice to have. I even have some that I purchased that are probably, in retrospect, not such a good idea!


1. Extra batteries - Minimum two (3 would be better and I'm trying to convince Parrot to honor the Free Battery Offer for previous owners) REASON - It's a gotta have item

2. USB Type C Power Delivery Battery Charger and Cables - I chose the Anker PowerPort Speed PD 30 model ($25.99) with USB-C to USB-C USB 3.1 Cable ($11.99). I also plan to add the Anker 60W 5-Port Charger in the future. REASON - An also gotta have item

3. Hard case - I chose the MC-Cases Anafi Case. I purchased for $99 from Amazon. It is expensive and others here have said they don't see the need but I like to be able to keep all the accessories in one place and this was the best option, in my mind, available at the time. Maybe it still is. I know the Parrot has come out with a Bag for the Anafi Work that may be offered as an optional accessory at some time in the future. REASON - To me, this case is the most useful of all my accessories (except batteries). The protects as well as organizes everything. It is approximately 13" x 11.5' x 5.5' and is an extremely well thought out design.

4. ND Filter Set - I went with the Freewell All Day Filter 8 Pack for $125. I think you could get away with the smaller set of Freewell filters but I went ahead with the more comprehensive set. I will admit I don't know much, if anything, about camera filters but I didn't want to find I needed to purchase more filters later on. That way, all the filters I could reasonably expect to use would be available in a compact set that would store in the limited space in the case. REASON - to get the most from the camera in all lighting conditions.

5. Extended Capacity Micro SD Card(s) - I got the SanDisk Extreme 128GB for $55.88 from Adorama.com. Again, it's probably more card than I need but I would rather have more space than too little. All the cards that I considered purchasing were at least 64GB, Class 10/UHS 3/V30 or higher. That consideration was purely based on internet research I did on SD cards capable of handling of 4K video footage. That's purely based on that research; I do not have any first hand knowledge of how different cards actually perform in the Anafi. However, in any event, based on issues that other Anafi users have reported regarding compatibility of Micro SD cards with the Anafi, I would be sure to select a card that has been tested by Parrot to avoid compatibility issues. This information is listed on page 28 of the Anafi User Guide. REASON - Increase the amount storage available with the included 16GB Micro SD card.

6. Screen Hood - I haven't purchased mine yet but I believe I'll be purchasing the small Freewell Hood from Adorama for $40.00 when I do. I have seen several models available but I like the look of the construction on the Freewell hood. It's collapsible and should be easy to store and transport in use. The one I made from a Pop-Tart Box works alright, but it doesn't look very professional and, more importantly, I don't think it will stand up to the wear-and-tear very well. REASON: Permits the viewing of the Smartphone or tablet screen in bright sunlight.


7. Data Cable, 20mm - (USB to Lightning or USB to Micro USB) - purchased from Drone Valley for $10.95. REASON - Avoids have long cable between your phone and the Skycontroller 3

8. Universal 5-in-1 Memory Card reader - purchased from Drone Valley for $19.95. REASON -allows you to share media from your memory card on your phone, tablet or computer. It provides slots for the two most common memory card sizes to make viewing photos, videos and other files quick and easy. It can connect to your computer through a full-sized USB connection as well as your iOS or Android device.Allows you to view your footage soon as you land. Simply pop out the memory card and insert it into the proper slot on the reader to connect to your device.

9. Dedicated Drone Phone - I went with the Huawei Ascend XT2 Android Phone from e-bay for $85.00. The XT2 has a pretty bright screen which is more easily viewed in bright sunlight. REASON - Easier outside viewing with the benefit of not having to place you phone in Airplane Mode or worry about the phone ringing while your controlling the Anafi with it.

10. Gimbal Lock/Lens Cap - from DirtyJDesigns.com for $6.99. This 3D printed device serves as a lens cap and gimbal lock. It replaces the small, stock lens cap. I like this device because it is much simpler to take on and off compared to the original lens cap. REASON - I find that I don't have to handle the gimbal like I do when installing and removing the original cap. It's larger and less likely to be lost in the field. Seems like a small thing but I really like this design. It is well made and fits perfectly.

11. Smartphone/Tablet Holder - I have selected the Penivo Anafi Smartphone Holder sold by Pinlifang on Amazon for $18.95. I haven't received it yet but it looks like a sturdy product. REASON:
Holds your smartphone or tablet more securely than the built in phone holder on the SC3.

12. Memory Card Holder - Only place I know to purchase this is from Drone Valley for $13.95. It includes two holders. This replacement Memory Card holder will easily snap into your Anafi to replace a lost or damaged one. The assembly that holds the MicroSD card in the Anafi is very fragile and is subject to damage or loss. You will be unable to record without this holder. REASON - Spare part in the event of damage or loss to the factory memory card holder.


13. Leg Extensions, 35mm - made by Rucan; sold by Rising& on Amazon for $1.99. These legs are well built, perfectly color matched to the Anafi body and precisely fit. Having said all that, I'm not sure that I'll use them very much. Obviously, you can't store the Anafi in its case with these installed so they definitely won't fit in the case. They do provide quite a bit of ground/grass clearance when installed which, of course, is the point. I do wonder if the higher posture will cause higher stress to the motor arms during a hard landing. I think a better product might be the design by DirtyJDesign. Those legs are not as high and have a have the same softer 3D printed material as the gimbal lock/lens cap and, more importantly, have a "wrap-around" design which should add strength to the feet. I have already had the top portion of the rear motor arms develop a gap between the seam where the rear feet meet those arms. I was able to snap them back into place. However, I believe the DirtyJDesign feet would keep those parts from separating at all. I have the DirtyJDesigned feet on order and I'll update this post once I get them in hand. REASON: increased ground clearance

14. Aluminum Motor Dust Caps - seems as though everybody makes these. Mine were made by SunnyLife, sold by DroneFans on amazon for $5.39. I got a set in red and another in black. These accessories have been the subject of a lot of discussion on this forum and most everyone is universally against installing them and I am no different. Face it, they look cool and add a look of refinement (maybe) to the Anafi. However, everyone, and, I think, rightfully so, express concerns about overheating the motors with these installed. I bought them anyway and although I have installed them just to see how they look, I have never flown with them and probably never will. Certainly, never while it's still under warranty. After the warranty period, I my perform a brief test to measure the motor temperatures with the caps removed and with the caps installed. I'll just say, "Use at your own risk" and leave it at that. REASON: I don't know... it looks cool?

15. Drone Repair Screwdriver Set - I bought this set from Drone Valley ($19.95) primarily to remove the prop screws and it's a very nice set. However, I found that the bits included don't really fit those screws. Afraid, I might strip the screw heads so I've continued to use the supplied tool for prop removal. It has other bits that might fit some of the other Anafi hardware like on the body parts, for instance but I haven't tried. So, basically, I haven't found any use for any of the tools in this set yet. I'm sure I will eventually, either on one of my other drones or on some of my RC airplane electronics. It's well-built, quality and worth the money but I just haven't been able to find a use for it on the Anafi. REASON: Maintenance?

I have attached pictures of some of the accessories I have received so far.

Well, that's a pretty complete listing of the accessories and my impression of them. I know others will disagree with some of my opinions but that you'll need to determine what is important to you and what your priorities are to decide what works for you. I need to ensure my wife never sees this post:I told her the drone cost $699. If she ever finds out...


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Dirk, I do like those propeller protectors. They may not work with the DirtyJDesign leg extensions though.I may have to order a set to find out...

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