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Beware: Wi-Fi can be on even in Airplane Mode

C. Mudgeon

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Feb 20, 2019
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Dallas, Texas
A cautionary note to pilots relying on "Airplane Mode" for IOS devices while flying. From the Apple website:

"... you can use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth while in Airplane mode. You just need to turn them on separately. On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, you can turn on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth with Control Center. Open Control Center from the Home screen and tap
. You can also go to Settings > Wi-Fi or Settings > Bluetooth.

If you turn on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth while you're in Airplane mode, they will be on the next time you use Airplane mode, unless you turn them off while in Airplane mode."
I guess you have to make sure airplane mode is on and wifi and Bluetooth are actually off when you're in settings.
It doesn't matter if you turn on Wifi or BT while in Airplane Mode: The next time switching to Airplane Mode Wifi and BT will be turned off again.
I thought I would share something that I looked into about airplane mode:
1-Yes wifi can still be on on Android as well as IOS enen in airplane mode
2-Yes you may get a little more distance using airplane mode

1-You loose data that the wifi channel communicates during your flight
2-You shouldnt be going for long distance records unless you have
parabolic or twin helix type antennae (aside from that being againts the law since it out view) it is inresting to test

What I do is:
1-Never bother with airplance mode
2-Use WifI only and make sure all the networks have "auto reconnect" turned of that way the channel you use for flying is not constantly being interuppted by some prior connection if you are in a congested area
3-Turn off all notifications form your apps

This is not my opinion I passed this by one of my friends who is a QC enginner at Qualcomm and he concurrs
In my tests I found that the directional location and mapping data were not transmited when in airplane mode. I have some much wifi contention the best choice I have found is use wif and turn off "auto reconnect"
I rely on the SC3 to communicate via WiFi and keep my iPhone’s WiFi off. After the flight I turn it back on as well as the ANAFI, because I’m not sure how the json files get sent to FF6. They always seem to show up eventually.

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