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Calling Heliports!!!


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Jun 30, 2018
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If i am to follow FFA rulles,i am required to call heliports if they are located in 5 mile radius from where i am taking off...calling airports is easy,they answer calls but in this case i have 5 heliports i am not able to contact,....local hospital has heliport,four other heliports are nothing but parking lots behind some stores,golf clubs etc....i used airmap app to find phone numbers(ffa app doesnt give you such info,that app sucks),i checked some links on ffa website and got exact same numbers,every time i call any of the heliports i get automated answer that something is wrong with number i am calling.....it feels like any normal call is blocked or something,i even used my home phone and my wifes phone....so i ended up emailing FFA and asking how to comply with their rulles if i am not able to contact heliports,this is FFA answer:

Good day,

I believe the number mentioned is a working number and operational. As a Section 336 operator you are required to notify airport/Helipad, and to assist you with contact information, see the links below:

An airport is defined in the law as any area of land or water used or intended for landing or takeoff of aircraft including appurtenant area used or intended for airport buildings, facilities, as well as rights of way together with the buildings and facilities.”.......

And they emailed few links to different websites where i can find additional info about same heliports,btw they are same links i checked before calling heliports and emailing FFA....to answer my email it took them 1 month....useless
out of curiosity,anyone had same issues and how did you resolve it?
Here are heliports i couldnt contact


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Advice given on another forum for basically the same question.

"Most hospital heliports have infrequent air traffic. You will hear when one is in the area so you can give right of way to the manned air traffic. Most numbers listed for hospital heliports are to some desk person that has no understanding of air traffic rules. Your best bet is to talk with the airport manager or someone in ATC at the nearby airport about the approach and departure paths used at the heliport, as they likely are the ones in contact with the chopper pilots. Those paths like change with the wind direction so get that info as well. A friendly conversation goes a long way. "
I read that one when i was doing research before i contacted ffa...in my opinion following that guys advice is just asking for trouble,here in massachusetts people will call authorities if they see you fly drone,they love doing that here....calling boston logan is a must,anything else (like heliports) and you are on your own....i got perfect location to fly drone and its only 5 minutes from my house,i can disregard rulles and just do it and if get caught i can say they didnt have working phone numbers,than ffa can disregard my statement and say “we believe they are working numbers” and take me to court to make example ,not sure how is in canada but they love doing that here in usa....i love how Ken Heron on his youtube channel says “FFA is your friend”,i find it total bull****,.....not sure what to do,i want to do right thing but it feels like the agency that came up with rulles doesnt wanna help or simply just trying to force people to get commercial license ?
I'm not in the States but from being a mod on several forums for UAV's I was under the impression as long as there was a answering machine and you left your info on it you did what was needed. The requirement was now on their end to call you back if there was a problem. I have seen this mentioned a lot. Maybe things have changed I really do not know noidea.gif

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