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Cameraman and Follow Me Questions


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Apr 1, 2019
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I am using a Bebop 2 power with firmware version 4.7.1, an android pie phone (not a tablet) on a skycontroller 2P. My question is about the cameraman and follow me feature.

First on cameraman mode. I have seen videos in which when cameraman is activated, it lets your frame yourself, and will stay locked in its altitude, but will turn to keep you in the middle of the shot should you move. This didn't work for me. I was able to frame my self on cameraman mode, but when I moved, it didn't turn and I eventually moved out of the shot, Bebop 2 didn't turn. It also did not turn for other subjects I framed ( a girl running across the soccer field ). Any thoughts?

Second is about follow me. Follow me worked OK. I was the subject on the frame. My question is, will it follow another subject? Lets say, that girl again running across the soccer field?

Your answers are much appreciated.

Thank you.
Hi i am new to this my self and have been trying the cameraman and follow me modes on the Bebop 2 (not the power version not sure if the soft ware is any different)

for me after i had drawn a box around what i wanted following i also noticed it track until the subject went off screen but not move on my second attempt i noticed after drawing a box around my dog the land button on my phone screen had changed to Stay/Follow
clicking on follow the drone stayed with my dog

as for follow me i believe it locks on to your phones gps and follows that

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