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Constant calibrating

Todd L.

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Jan 5, 2019
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Minnesota, USA
I bought a 2nd Bebop 2 , it is a certified refurbished one off amazon warrantied by Windsor. This one, although it works great and really has no issues with flying or connecting, it does need constant calibrating. Every single time I fly a waypoint mission Before i can take off It makes me do a calibration. Does not matter if i just lift off and then land or fly for a full 25 mins., same thing everytime. If i just fly around, i does not ask to calibrate.

My first new Bebop 2 has never asked to be calibrated.

Any ideas what might be happening here?
On a Bebop 2, the calibration screen is for the internal magnetometer. It's quite sensitive to metal objects, electrical wires, buildings, and geo-anomalies.

Try calibrating in a different area, away from the above problems which can affect it. And do the calibration spin relatively fast - not slowly - it needs to be done relatively quickly.
Thanks but I did all that. Open field nothing metalic around for at least 100 yds. and spinning the drone fast is the only way a calibration would complete. I'm puzzled, I beleive that i stated my New drone i bought doesn't have either of these issues only the certified refurbed one does. The refurbishing company said they would replace it but again It performs just as well as the NEW one.
Could it be because I'm using the same app to fly both? I am assuming not because its only the refurb. that has the issues.
I use FlightPlan with BB2 and Anafi I believe this is safety requirement you need to make sure the current home point is recorded before you start a flight plan so in the event of abort it knows were it was.

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