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controller for parrot ar drone 2.0


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Nov 20, 2023
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I have an parrot ar drone 2.0. I'd like to get a better controller set up than just my smart phone. I've seen controller set ups for drones that seem to be compatible with a android phone, basically a video game controller connected to a smartphone. does anyone know what controller set ups work well with an parrot ar drone 2.0?
Pick a new drone man. I know, they fly amazing but the risks and the fact that it is EOL, and not recieving security patches makes it too much of a hazard to use in the air.
You do understand that this drone is even more vulnerable to attacks than even that of the very vulnerable bebops? Anyone in range can acess the AR drone 2, upload damaging code or simply shut it down via telnet while you are flying. The system has no security. The entire system is wide open. The only Parrot EOL drones that are still safe are the bluetooth mini drones and Anafi models.
@MightFlight thanks for getting back to me with that. but I've got an acre in the sticks, just looking to fly it around my yard. not too worried about getting hacked. is there any controller set up and apps that work with these old drones?

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