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Disco replacement battery recomindations


Jan 12, 2019
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Hi all, new user to the forum and I wanted to get peoples recommendations on a replacement battery for the Disco. I got mine as an Amazon warehouse purchase for £300 last summer and have been having a ball with it.

As mine was sitting on the shelf for a while, the most I have ever gotton out of the battery is 30 minutes, but this is down to about 15 now. I heard that the official batteries on sale are a long time manufactured, so could still be less than the official 45 minutes, but also have heard about the 4,000 mAh batteries, so just seeing what people have had experience with.

Token video from my disco
The Turnigy Multistar 10C packs, available from Hobbyking, have proven to be popular and only a small amount of foam needs to be carved out to accommodate them. They’re also only slightly larger and heavier than the ubiquitous 2200mAh 25C packs. I think a few people have squeezed in the larger 5200mAh pack but that might be the limit before the extra weight starts to adversely affect the flight performance/stability.

As for longevity, or life span, of these multistar low C batteries I have used both the 4000mAh packs (in a Phantom 1 for +20min flights) and the 5200mAh packs (two in parallel on my medium lift hexacopter) for the last four years and they haven’t exhibited any aging issues yet.


Hi Nidge, thanks for the reply. Sounds like a good option, especially if they are ageing well.

This one works great in mine and requires minimal modification.

This one works great too but costs more.
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