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Disco roll oscillations in initial climb becoming catastrophic


Jan 23, 2022
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I am having a constant problem with instability during the initial automatic climb that is not dampened and begins a catastrophic oscillation that amplifies until it flips over and dives. Disco is taking quite a battering.

If I am lucky enough that it gets to altitude and flattens out then the rest of the flight is no problem. Thing is, it takes many attempts before I get lucky. I just lost the camera in a vertical dive from 20m, and only avoided smashing the CHUCK completely because the nose went 4 inches into wet turf. I had a gentle headwind of 10mph/15 gusts, and thought it was going to make it but a little instability started at 15-20m alt and off it went into an increasing rolling oscillation until it got inverted and dived again. Due to having the weight of a 5200 battery I need a little headwind else there is not enough lift in the initial seconds to clear the ground ahead.

Since the previous crashes I have carefully checked everything to make sure nothing is loose - the CHUCK is nice and secure, and I made a little velcro strap to hold down the battery since the weight of the 5200 might shift about in there and I did not want it to take the lid off during a roll. So it cannot be any shifting weight, all is firm and secure.

Anyone else had similar issues? and what causes could there be? Is it possible to reduce the climb angle during the automatic climb - I sense the rate of climb and partial stalling may be involved. Finally, does anyone know the size of the hex key for the 3 camera screws? I have a 0.9mm but that is too loose and my next size up 1.3mm is far too big.
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Uncontrolled oscillations are caused by the CHUCK over correcting up to stall. Your Disco is maybe overweight ?
Check UAVPAL community, they have recently come up with the parameters changes to overcome this uncontrolled oscillations problem.
Enjoy your flights !
When i had this problem.. one of my aileron step motors was damaged or stripped or something…. I replaced it and it went away.

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