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Easy tablet mount for 10.5" Samsung


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Aug 28, 2018
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I am using a Samsung S5e which is a great tablet for the Anafi. I tried several different tablet mounts and found issues with all of them. The biggest issues being the time it takes to install them and having to remove them to turn off the controller. Also, I don't like having to carry the extra parts of the mount as there is no room in my case for them. So I set out to design a system that stay attached to the tablet and fold flat when not in use. I also wanted a hood that remained attached and folded flat.
I purchased a Moko case for the S5e here: https://www.amazon.com/MoKo-Samsung...?keywords=moko+case+s5e&qid=1572792426&sr=8-6
I modified it by cutting a slot in the back, heating up the plastic and prying it open a bit. I glued a tee shaped piece of plastic to the front edge of the clamp on the Anafi controller so that it would fit in the slot on the back of the Moko case. I attached two stiff cardboard pieces to the edges of the flap on the Moko case to form the sides of my hood. I added some velcro bits to hold them in place.
The end result is a tablet that can be mounted as quickly as a phone, no extra parts to carry and it folds flat for transport.
You can also see my switch that I added to the controller to turn it off without closing it up.
I will be adding a neck strap soon and will post details when I get it finished.


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