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Flight Plan "4 Seasons Project"


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Nov 1, 2018
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This isnt the finished video but i thought i'd put the idea out there in case anyone fancy's trying it

Probably my favourite feature on the Parrot Anafi is Flight Plan. So i thought why not try the same flight over 12 months and capture the 4 seasons?

This is "Test footage" to see how closely the drone follows the flight plan. The first clip is from December and the other one from March(and back and forth). i know the drone will never 100% follow the same flight but its looking close enough so far.
Great minds think alike, Rob! This is something I have been toying with, but am still to find the right location to get it to work. Because of our Mediterranean climate we don't have a lot of Autumnal colour here in the trees & we don't get snow.

I think the key to success & you have achieved it well, is to allow lots of distance between the Anafi & subject, so that any difference of flight position will go unnoticed. There will be some slight differences in flight location, which I have observed when using a flight plan to capture some comparison videos a few weeks ago.
Wow, maybe I have a great mind too.
Have thought about that last year - but have not been doing much with flight-plan training since I had that experience when my Anafi "attacked" me. But I hope that a few other "great minds" have been working on the idea and we will see the results in July or August this year!
i kind of stumbled upon the idea once i'd saved my first Flight Plan. To be honest though i wont have a full year until mid November, i'm hoping to get a Flight Plan recorded every month. Different lighting is kind of a curse for continuity but a blessing as it shows how different a location can look under sunrise vs sunset light, i could even include a hot summer day!
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I had 6 months of filming done when I tried flying my Anafi using just my phone via WiFi. It wouldn't connect so tech support told me to uninstall and reinstall the app. Guess what else got uninstalled? All of my saved Flight Plans. Pissed doesn't even begin to state how mad I was. Starting the project over from square one. I even asked/suggested to tech support if there is a way to save flight plans, possibly to Parrot's cloud, so that they can be used across different platforms, for example phone and tablet. Sometime I like to use my phone and other times I prefer the tablet. Unfortunately, there is no way of saving one plan that can be used on both devices. I even tried locating the files in the software, but no such luck. Still never got the phone/Anafi situation straightened out either. I'll continue using my controller from now on.
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Same just happened with a year of Bebop 2 flight plans I had saved for a project of the same sort, a seasonal time-lapse. I'm kind of furious too. I had my phone storage backed up but cant locate the plans.
Extremely frustrating, I know?

Updated video. December - (early)April

3 clips. The first transistion isnt great but the other ones at 1:27 and 2:05 look alright. Still need to get st least another 4 months of flights before I make the final video.

Off topic but the story behind the music of this video is quite interesting. a friend of a friend was round said mentioned friends house and we were watching a few of my drone videoes on the TV. He makes a few tracks as a hobby now but back in the day he was a producer on a Motorhead album! The guys got to be in his late 60s now, hates Social media and the internet but loves music. He gave me a USB with a few tracks that I'll upload ?

Stills using the tree top left as a reference. The the first shot/video is the one thats letting me down the most(tracking flight plan) so this may end going on until November 2019... Anafi permitting!

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