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Flight plan App Options

Pigeon Pilot

Jan 13, 2019
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Hi People,

Just wanted to ask if anyone has tried any third party applications for their BB2 that has a flight plan option, or even one that covers all features and more than what Freeflight Pro does??

A mate flies with a Mavic Air and he uses the Litchi app which allows him to plot flight plans on his PC through the litchi site on his account which then syncs with his app on his smart devise that is used for flying.

Is there anything for the BB2 like this? Its such a great feature and would be so much easier that doing it on a phone!

Thanks :)
Yes I do use this app. I like it a lot better than FFpro. I use AR Pro 3 and FFpro, but mostly AR Pro 3.
I decided to try it for the simple fact that it cost $10 and included flight plan whereas FFpro flight plan was $20.
The flight planning portion of AR Pro 3 is very easy to use. I do have some issues with getting videos from the BB2 downloaded to a device, but it may just be me not doing something right. FFpro is easier in that regard.
When using the app in FPV with android, there is no telemetry (battery meter, altitude, etc.) Not sure about iOS as I don't use apple products.
Other than that, it is a great app in my opinion.
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As far as creating flight plans on a computer then transferring to a device, I don't think this is possible.
I have 2 android tablets and an android phone that I can use while flying the BB2. If I create a plan on one of the tablets and then switch to the phone to fly with, the plan will not be on the phone. I think there is a way to get get them on different devices, I just haven't figured it out yet.
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