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FreeFlight 6 Flight Planning


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Apr 8, 2021
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Hi All,

I'm brand new to my new Anafi and I'm looking to get started with the Flight Planning feature.

I've started planning a flight however I'm getting confused by the altitudes. As a private pilot I'm using to planning my flights AMSL so I always know how high the terrain is, and set my altitudes accordingly.

Freeflight seems to do things very different, so my question is:

Are the altitude numbers feet/meters from ground level OR are the numbers feet/meters above the initial takeoff altitude? The two are very different concepts so it would be great to get some clarity!

Thanks in advance.


Rocky the FS

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Apr 10, 2019
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Hailey, ID
Altitude readout is from ground level at the initial take-off site. I did some surveying of a creek two years ago that gradually climbed into the surrounding hills. I needed to keep the drone at about 150 feet above the creek, which gained 350 feet in a mile and a half. The only way to do this accurately was to use Google Earth to find the ASL altitude of each waypoint, then subtract the take-off ASL altitude from that. That gave me the altitude of ground level compared to the initial point. Then I added 150 feet to that and used it for each waypoint altitude, so I got a series of waypoint altitudes that looked something like this: 150, 190, 240, 290, etc. These altitudes were set in the Flight Plan as each waypoint was created.

The Anafi held approximately 150 feet above the creek the whole way up into the hills. I had set the RTH altitude as the last waypoint altitude so it stayed well above the hills on either side as it came back in a straight line, cutting the corners. Voila!

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