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Freeflight 6 for Anafi won't log in.


Dec 9, 2018
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Hi there,

Finally opened my Anafi and flew it on Christmas day! Everything works fine except for a strange issue with the app.

I cannot register or log in to my parrot no matter what I do - it seems like the android app is unable to tell i'm connected to the internet even though i'm fully connected with 5 bars of wifi and all other internet related apps working fine!

When trying to register I have tried:

1.) Connect with google. It launches a pop up to select my google account but once selected it just goes back to the screen requesting me to register.
2.) Create an account - I input a user name and password, for a new account but when I select register it pops up "please connect to the internet" with a shortcut to settings. As mentioned above, i am already connected to the internet on my phone and all other apps requiring internet are working!
3.) I created an account via the internet browser on my PC - then tried to login via the android app. Again the app asks me to connect to the internet even though my phone is already connected with a strong wifi signal.

I have also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, tried to connect using mobiles data (rather than wifi) and restarting my phone but nothing seems to work.

My phone is a Samsung Note 8.

Any ideas what the solution is to this strange issue?

Many thanks,

Hey @phn any success? I'm having similar issues with a new samsung tab A 10.5 2018 i've got! Trying to login to my existing android account on it but having the same problems you mentioned!

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