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Freeflight Mini


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Jul 24, 2023
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Hi, I was cleaning my drawer and found my old Parrot mini drone rolling spider. I got it's batteries recharged but the FreeFlight 3 is no longer available on Google Play Store. I researched and found out that FreeFlight Mini App is the one that I should use. I tried to search for it on my mobile's Google Play Store and could not find it. I used my PC to check Google Play Store and found the FreeFlight Mini but it says it is not available for my device. I have a Samsung A53 5G phone. Is the FreeFlight Mini App not compatible with Samsung phones specifically A53?
@Skydreamer, thank you!

I may have an older Andriod phone. I have to go and recheck my magic drawer.

What do I do when I download the app you provided the link? Is it for the old phone, if I have one? Or my existing phone?

Sorry, I am not computer savvy. Could you please point me to an instruction on installing the app on my phone?

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