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Good phone for droning


Nov 17, 2018
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What phone do you use flying? I'm thinking about getting a new phone as my Nokia 6 (2017) can be a bit sluggish sometimes when it comes to performance. Especially the flightplan struggles a bit, which is due to the snapdragon 430 being the Nokias heart. I found Xperia XA2 after xmas sale, that has snapdragon 630 and on the paper it's much faster than 430. I also found Xperia XZ1 Compact, which surely has horsepower for anything, but dunno about the small 4,5 inch screen that has 720p resolution? They are now on the same price 199e / 230$.

Which would be your pic for example from those 2:
Snap630 - 5,2' 1080p OR Snap830 - 4,6' 720p + barometer sensor

Thanks for the hints:)
It might be good to take a look at the "list of working phones" thread in the "tips and tricks" section. Not all pones work correctly and also look for a newer version of Android.
Xiaomi's and Samsung's works fine...I also have a Nokia 6.1 that is working fine also.
Consider one with a barometer. Would be useful for Follow Me altitude changes.
I got a Samsung 8+ just for the Anafi. I love the way the app uses the dead space on the screen and moves things off the video feed. So far so good and it’s awesome for those panoramas as the internal stiching animates in google photos perfectly for full 360 viewing and VR headsets. Since I picked up this phone, I’ve really gotten into panoramas with this little bird and today our mountains have snow down to the valley floor so I’m out as soon a the clouds break!
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Here is a raw shoot and upload to YouTube from the phone. It’s in 1080 so check your YouTube settings.

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