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HDR Video After Oct. 30th Update


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Jun 30, 2018
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Ontario Canada
Went out to a old tree farm down the road. Winter is around the corner here and not much to look at for color so I thought maybe some green trees would help :)
Anyways to me the HDR color profile seems more natural then before. Not over saturated as it was. I left everything on auto and just went for short flight. Really wish these improvements were out when the leaves were changing to get the full impact of the fall colors.

That looks like a suitable replacement for my Hero4Black, finally.
2.7k @ 60 yet, or still 30fps?
That was 30fps. Really was not paying to much attention to settings though. I just wanted to make sure it stayed in the air after the update :)
Great footage ! Congratulations ...
Is there a sort of ‘dolly effect’ in the end (with you and your car) ?
Looks fine.
I read the article posted HERE but didn't understand the HDR news completely.
What is my role now? Can I still switch HDR on/off or is it the firmware that decides what mode it uses depending on the motive?
No you still have control over when to use it from what I can tell. When they talk about the HDR on/off in the article I think he meant before the update with changing light conditions you had to switch it on and off as HDR did not handle changes very well. Now in the new updated they have refined it to handle the changes better.
That is just a guess on my part and that was only one test I have done but I think it is much better.
Will have to wait and see others who review the changes and how they feel about it.
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... I confirm you understood it right.
It is still your choice to use HDR or not, but when you use it, it will be less necessary to switch to manual mode as algorithms do handle dynamic range in a more appropriate manner than before when you are in HDR mode (less ‘intrusive’ or destructive in terms of added image noise).
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