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Dave Runyan

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Mar 20, 2019
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I am a wannabee Disco pilot. I have an AR2 quad, but as a "real" pilot I am more interested in fixed-wing-FPV. Like everyone else I choked on the price, but I keep hearing references in the net to the Disco being available for "$300"! Can anyone help me locate one of those, or are they mythical?
Hello and welcome from Ontario Canada. Hopefully someone can help you out.
Thanks, Augustine! No replies yet, except yours! Can you suggest any online sources of info about purchasing the Disco. I have tried all the usual places, like Amazon, but all I see is the $900+ price, which I just cannot afford.
I never really looked into it but there are a few people on here that use them for mapping and such. Give it some time and one of them might point you into the right direction. Until then keep checking all the spots you might find them for sale.
bestbuy here in Canada has always had them on sale for what they claimed was 200$ off down to 700 for the fpv bundle, I got mine two years ago for that price, never seem them go lower than that.

I don’t see it on their site now, but they might still have one in the stores for that price if it’s there.
Just looking through ebay I see a few with a buy-it-now price at 650 Canadian pesos, but more than a few other sellers offering it for the original 1500$ price. 900 new seems to be the going rate for the majority, and it shouldn’t be too hard to find for 700, but for the 300$ range you’re looking at buying a damaged used thing and cheaping out on parts trying to fix it.

There are RTF foamie models available in that price range, but it’ll be a full manual deal, probabaly with a cheaper camera and no autonomy/programmability like C.H.U.C.K. provides.

Here’s a ready to fly stick model for 60$ if you just want to fly something plane style on the cheap:

There’s also simulation programs that come with a usb controller like an rc controller, you can use that to pratice and try out different control setups to fly rc helicopters, planes, gliders and the like. they do FPV modes too.

I use RealFlight. RealFlight RC Flight Simulator

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