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Help with the screen format on a Ipad Mini 4


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Jul 17, 2018
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Hi guys,

Need some help - bought a Ipad Mini 4 for exclusive use with my DJI (Spark and Mavic Pro) and Anafi drones. My android phone works great with all three, but the screen is relatively small - I wanted something bigger. Got the Ipad Mini 4 up and running today and loaded the DJI Go 4 app and the FreeFlight 6 app. DJI ran great - nice improvement over my phone. However, the FreeFlight 6 app on the Ipad Mini 4 looks bad in terms of format - print is too big and the app does not use the whole screen. I took a photo of my old Asus Zenpad (left) with the FreeFlight 6 app on it with the Apple Ipad Mini next to it. Although the Asus cannot handle the graphics of the FreeFlight 6 app (lots of stutters and freezes) the format on the screen looks great. The Ipad Mini on the other hand, looks big and blocky. What am I doing wrong? (I am new to the Apple world, being a android guy forever). Any help would be appreciated. Comparison of Asus and Ipad Mini.jpg
Parrot doesn't really recommend tablets yet, just late model smartphones. I fly with my 10 inch "2017" ipad. I've sort of gotten used to it. I see you have the joypads on the screen. Do you use the controller?
Thanks Chasbro. Yes, I do use the controller, but when I took this photo, I did not have either tablet connected to the RC - I just ran the app on android and IOS and the joypads came up. So what you are saying is that the IOS version of FreeFlight 6 really does not take advantage of the screen resolution or size available in Ipads ....it is basically an app designed for a phone running on a tablet. Kind of disappointing as the Android version seems to take advantage of a tablet's screen resolution and size. Wonder why Parrot does not really take advantage of the great screens on Ipads?
Maybe when Parrot gets time they can fix the jumbo icons. Along with the newly introduced POI instability.

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