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Hi from Reno

Reno Pilot

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Jan 2, 2019
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Howdy all,
Longtime rotary jockey, part 107 pilot. Recently acquired a Disco. Anybody got some tips on my first flight?


Love my disco.

Most important is probably having a big open space to land, find a spot where you can glide in low into the wind for a hundred feet.

Baseball, football, soccer fields. Something where if you overshoot or undershoot the runway you’ve got some grass or bushes. There’s a downward ultrasonic sensor that sometimes finds trees if you fly too close as you’re coming in to land and decides it needs to pitch up a bit.

Maybe get used to flying without the screen just seeing which way it turns, keeping an eye on it - if you haven’t used other fixed wing models, you might not be used to thinking about which way it’s traveling forward to have it bank and come around, and there’s no stopping and hovering to think about it.

If you lose the video connection, either because your phone dies, or freeflight crashes or the cord to the phone breaks you’ll need to think quick. Full left or right on the left stick will set it to fly in a circular pattern and give you a chance to either try and correct the problem or fly it back on sight alone.

My phone battery plummeted and died from the cold once ( -10c ) and I forgot to do this once, fooling with the phone while the disco ambled off toward the open ocean at 40km/h, had to listen and guess to regain sight once I’d realized it was taking off on me.

Other than that, very forgiving fixed wing, quick, long flight time, durable, easy to fly, should be great fun leaning.

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