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How is Anafi stabilization in sports mode?


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Aug 18, 2018
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Miami, FL / Bahamas
Seriously considering Anafi as a replacement to two Sparks (one flew away for no reason, one crashed in water on take off).

One thing i hated about spark is the lack of stabilization in sports mode making the drone useless for fast action footage. Does Anafi remains stable in sports mode? That would be a clincher for me.
Well it depends. If you thrash back and forth, especially on the left-right axis, then no, it’s quasi 3-axis stabilization can’t keep up. But if you fly softer turns and try to avoid sudden direction changes (especially on the left-right axis), then yeah it can be smooth in sport mode, even with all the sliders maxed out in settings. It’s pretty easy to adjust the sensitivity (all the settings are in one place on one screen). You could max out speed, but keep yaw a little softer. That sort of thing.

It does best when there is plenty of light as opposed to sunrise or sunset.

I flew in sport mode a few times recently doing arcing passes with some partial orbits done by hand. The footage was surprisingly smooth and stable (not to mention it was much much easier to pull off decent high speed orbits by hand on the Anafi. I can’t fly that well on my Mavic Air).

Here’s the real problem, whether in sport or the normal “film” mode, the Anafi’s electronic stabilization on the pan axis, plus strong wind gusts, plus darker higher contrast scenes = crappy footage with noticeable stabilization ghosts. So for example, trying to do orbits or sideways pans at sunset, when there are strong wind gusts, is probably not something you want to use the Anafi for. The Mavic Air, with it’s true 3 axis stabilization is superior in this situation, even though it can’t withstand strong winds as well as the parrot.
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