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I introduce myself


Apr 8, 2019
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Hi everyone, I am Riccardo and I live in Northern Italy, for some months now owner of this wonderful Anafi, with an extra battery, taken used at a good price in December (my Christmas gift :) for myself) I took a tablet from 7 "economic (Lenovo) to be used only with the drone, in order to keep it practically always in airplane mode and have a few inches more where to look compared to my samsung S8. Before this I had a series of other drones started with a DJI F450, then a self-made with DJI NAZA v2, DJI E600 series engines, Tarot carbon frame, RC FrSky Taranis, then after a stop I took a Hubsan H501s, sold in favor of a Phantom 3 Professional. After the Phantom I got a Bebop 2 but I had a lot of problems with inference'. Just for fun I took a a mini drone, the Tello, to use inside home, then the Anafi which I like a lot. I like more to take pictures than to video and I thank the good quality of the cam with which it is endowed. I expect the temperature to improve , while the Italian legislation takes a few steps in favor of playful use but in the meantime I go back to piloting :)
Welcome to the Forum. I think you will enjoy your membership. There are many other members happy to provide assistance for any issues you may have, and those that may need information you bring. A lot of good information is already stored in existing threads.

Couple easy things:
1.) The search Icon is your friend. It's the magnifying glass near the upper right of the screen when you scroll all the way up. It can find many answers you will never find by yourself.
2.) Be aware that you won't always get a quick response. There are times when many other members are on line, and sometimes only a few. A response may not show up until the right person sees it.
3.) Be aware the forum is Global. If you are exchanging with a member on the other side of the world, response can get delayed and out of sequence due to a difference in local time.
4.) Although the Forum is global, the language is English. It is customary to translate other languages to English. Many members also include the original language post to help alleviate translation errors.
5.) Review the forum rules (on the bottom right). There are not too many, but it is important they are followed to keep the Forum a useful and happy place for everyone.
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