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If your Anafi is not turning off after landing in your hand read this


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Aug 14, 2019
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If your anafi is not turning off after returning to the palm of your hand you need to:

A. After flying and while hovering, place your open hand a couple inches away under the drone so the drone sensor sees your hand
B. Press and hold down the left stick on the Sc3 (rise and descend function) until it reaches your hand and motors shut off, then let go of the stick. This may take a couple of seconds but keep holding stick down on palm and motors will stop completely.

No more need to flip drone downside to force motors off, resulting motor strain and false crash message on FF6 after flight infos.

Why is this a different function then the center button on your Sc3 for takeoff and land? Odd.
If you were to press the sc3 land button they will not shutoff in your hand only when you pull left stick down for a couple of seconds. This maybe be a firmware bug, where sc3 button land would be non hand launch return and stick would be the hand launch return to hand or vice versa. Who knows why Parrot decided to separate the two but at least it's stable.

Old news, but I will add this to my flight check as I always forget about this.
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Makes me wonder now If you did a RTH all the way down to you and let the anafi land in hand, would they turn off then? Or would you still have to use stick to turn off.

Need to test this

Also need to test if holding take off land button will shut them off in palm as well instead of just pressing it once and not shutting off.

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