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Is it still good?


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Jan 23, 2022
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I'm a hobby photographer from Sweden living in Guatemala.
I am not an Anafi owner yet, but of all the different drones available I find the Anafi to be the most interesting one.

The 21Mp sensor, the 4K video, very good picture quality, all the possibilities in the camera/video settings, the user interface, a lot(!) of positive reviews, makes this drone the #1 on my list.
- All things considered, in a hobby that has developed massively in the paste years and the fact that Parrot no longer provides support, would you still buy the Anafi or would you buy another brand?

As you know better than I, I hope to receive good advice based on your knowledge and experience.

Best regards
Boris Ekner


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Jan 3, 2019
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Adelaide, South Australia
I see no-one's replied to this yet so I'll chime in... I've never owned a DJI drone so I can't compare, but I had the Bebop 2 and then the Anafi and I have to say I still really enjoy the Anafi. I love the fact that it's so compact, light and easy to just pull out and fly, particularly since I don't often get time to fly it. It's easy to chuck the drone and controller into a backpack when going for a walk (I bought a hard case for the controller that matches the one for the Anafi), and just takes a few moments to pull it out, unfold it and fly. Hand launch and hand land means you can pretty much stop anywhere that looks interesting and fly from there.

After a couple of years I've barely scratched the surface of features like cameraman, follow-me and flight plan, but these are very versatile. I have also enjoyed flying it FPV on occasion using the old 'cockpit goggles' I had with the Bebop 2.

As for aerial photography and video it's very capable of excellent results, as evidenced by some of the photos and videos shared on this forum. If you want to get serious it has full manual controls for photo and video, and you can get press-on ND filters.

It's a real shame it's been discontinued as it seems like support from Parrot has evaporated, and obviously it will become increasingly hard to get batteries and spares over time. I hope mine lasts many more years. If it crashes or dies and I can't get another one I'm not sure whether I'd get another drone - DJI just doesn't appeal, somehow, although clearly many people like DJI drones, and their higher-end drones have bigger sensors and better optics than the Anafi.

So back to your question, if I lost my Anafi tomorrow I would try to buy another one, no question - if I could get one for a decent price... Unfortunately there are very few available new now, and prices are high - I bought mine in 2019 from Amazon in the UK for 539 pounds, and the price today for a new one is 699 pounds...
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Dec 13, 2021
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I got myself a second hand one just before Christmas. I don’t expect any support, but then again I only paid half price.

I’m super happy with it. I also have a secondhand DJI Spark. It is a toy in comparison, although it has anti collision sensors and similar features. I found the DJI app is really annoying, and all the loud beeping and blinking lights from the drone doesn’t help. The Anafi is no nonsense, no babysitting, your responsibility. It feels more like a pro tool.

Of course none of these will hold up for long against the newer models from DJI, the main drawback being the limited range due to using Wi-Fi. It works great in rural areas, but in the city can be very challenging.


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Jan 16, 2019
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Algonquin Il USA
I am on number 6 Since July 2018 introduction. Great little drone still have two
1-Great Software / Hadware integration
2-Easy access to parts and repair instructions
3-Very stable in wind ( I have lost 2 DJI Mini's in 2 years) no issues with Anafi
4-Great photos - video good if you fly slow

1-Horrible support
2-Limited range
3-Not the best connectivity
4-Motion blur at 4K (fly slow)

I have been fortunate to own many drones in seven years from 100-4000 and I still always pickup one of the Anafis when I go out to fly.
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