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Low Light At Sunset and Sunrise

Cloudy sunset and sunrise footage are noisy and covered up with time-lapse and BBQ footage;)

Nice video.... looks like a great time. Great use of Anafi to preserve your memories.

Its hard to overcome the limitations of the camera sensor in low light, the noise is inevitable that's why most of the more stunning video you see coming off of camera drones is done in full sunlight. Only the really expensive ones have a large enough sensor to capture clean video.

I'd like to be on the beach right now.... negative 6 Celsius currently here.
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Thanks. I've had a luck after two cold rainy days. You're right about the sensor size. And I have to choose sunrise/sunset or landscape. Even with manual ISO and SS adjustment, I can't go for both in low light.
Really enjoy all your videos, thanks for sharing them
It's impressive to see all the outdoor activities you engage in
Looks like a lot of fun!
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Thanks!! Exploring Hong Kong nature is my only stress relief for pandemic days.....

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