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LTE 4G datalink for Bebop2

Several months ago I read was USD$7XX without covering Disco itself. If I am not recalling it incorrectly. Recently, they've removed the price on the site.

Yikes!! Probably wouldn't work in the US anyway
Price is actually around USD $499 - and that includes EU or US modems as well.

Here is a complete package list of things included in the package:

Besides LTE - boosted 2.4Ghz link is also in the works. So it may become 2-in-1 device near future. New features in preparation for neext software releases: Youtube streaming, DVR functionality, etc.
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BB2 flight time could be extended to ~40min with newer battery technologies probably - then it would make more sense, I agree. Datalink was made primarily for Disco - and we provide extended Disco batteries for achieving 100min flight time. BB2 support is just a "side effect", a bonus :) And dont forget that even Mavics can't do NLOS flights...

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