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Mam Tor & Great Ridge (Peak District, England)


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Nov 1, 2018
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Started last Sunday getting a lift off my friend at 5am to drive out to Mam Tor for sunrise! First of all i have to say that morning the Fog was super thick, driving along the Motorway at 70mph with only about 20 metres visibility was scary!! Luckily once we got nearer we were above the fog and 2hrs later we arrived. Funnily enough when we reached the top of the hill there were about 30 other photographers scattered over the peak with the same idea of taking photographs of Sunrise!! The haze/fog stuck around all day but flying over Mam Tor and along the Great Ridge was great fun and the haze added a bit of atmosphere.

No epic trips out planned this weekend but i might be get around to flying over a "solar farm" tomorrow at sunrise :)
That was worth the wait, Rob! As we say here in Australia "noice"! ;)

Another stunning location & well worth the early start. I was laughing when I finally worked out what all the lumps were scattered over the top section at the beginning! :ROFLMAO:
1416Nice video and a very dramatic place Ron, I was up there the other week but it was a bit to windy to fly my Anafi, erring on the side of caution as it's my new drone and did not want to lose it.
Just getting to grips with it and building my confidence to fly it in various scenarios.
Here's astill looking up towards the summit of Mam for.
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Impressive spot and piloting, Rob.
I hope to be back in my homeland, Scotland, in a year or two. I'll be trying to shoot something like your flight - but in the Highlands, of course.
My next big adventure, together with my wife and Anafi (in that order) will be to the very far south of Japan - Okinawa!
Weather permitting, there are some outstanding sea cliffs and castle ruins.

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