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Mavic Pro $600, MP Fly More Combo $700...is Anafi overpriced?


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Jul 6, 2018
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Crested Butte, CO
DJI just announced lower pricing on the Mavic Pro for the Amazon Prime Sale coming up next week.

Does Anafi have the features and reliability to compete?

I want it to be competitive against DJI. But...
I don't see how they can compete and remain in a money making enterprise. IS it overpriced? For what you get, not really but once compared to the current offer on the mavic from DJI then yes. DJI have such a long lead in this race it's almost an insurmountable task.
I won't compare the drones as this has been done elsewhere many times but let's keep in mind that you are comparing the "Amazon prime day promotion" price for the Mavic with the regular launch price for the Anafi...
The Mavic won't stay at that price, it will go up again and also the Anafi won't always stay at that price, it will go lower down the road...
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The Anafi does seem a bit overpriced to me. Considering that you only get the actual aircraft and case, the controller (with no case), a single battery (with long charge time and no charger) and a spare set of blades, I think pricing should be more in the $499-$599 range.

At a minimum, you need to purchase a second battery to make the Anafi really practical and useful. With the additonal battery priced at $99, the actual acquisition cost is more like $799 and that's before you make any in-app purchases (hopefully, Parrot will abandon the high-priced apps and continue the 99 cent deal). With the inclusion of two full-priced apps, now your at $839. That's not even considering you have to buy a dedicated charger (if your prefer), possibly an expanded memory card, perhaps a case to hold everything. At this point, your well into the low-end of DJI territory and any potential new drone customer is liable to follow the masses into the arms of DJI - probably for good!

I think that Parrot could earn a larger portion of the market share currently dominated by DJI, and have the Anafi "flying" off the shelves, by being more competitive with their pricing. I believe, this would make the excruciating decision of which drone to purchase a "no-brainer" for many potential pilots! I know it would have for me!
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When I first saw the Anafi it was at Best Buy. They had it in an unlit floor level display case and even then it looked like it should have been blister packed and hanging in the toy section. On top they had a beautiful six motor 'Yuneec' ' with a camera the size of a baseball all lit up for $770. In the next case they were still featuring the Karma, with props that looked a foot long. In terms of drone per dollar, the Anafi didn't look good. But when comes to results the Anafi can hang any of them. And the lightweight low noise is a feature that cannot be overemphasized. If I tried to fire up a regular drone at my park, the police would be there before I could land, but with the Anafi nobody notices or cares. Add in Flight Plan for 99 cents and you've got a winner.
Back in May I got my MA Flymore Kit for £835.00 from Amazon UK (a white one).

It has managed over 45 flights, twice what my Anafi did before it fell out of the sky.

Hopefully I will be using it later today...
I think Parrot does need to drop the price on the Anafi. Last week, DJI offered a special promotion for the Mavic Air and included a free battery for $799 (sale goes through September 8th). That is the same price as the Anafi with an extra battery at its current pricing. The Mavic Pro, which is being discontinued, has seen discounts also. I saw a refurbished (by DJI) Mavic Pro for $649 a couple of weeks ago. Yes, the Parrot has some unique features (the 180 degree gimbal, quiet operation and the 2.8 lossless zoom), but the Mavic Air and Mavic Pro at about the same price point will be hard to compete with. I think Parrot has done a nice job of responding to the users by updating, improving and including new features for the Freeflight app and dropping the price of the Follow Me and Flight Plan in app purchases to .99 cents, but they need to do something more to compete with DJI on the drone pricing. IMO, they need to at least offer a free battery with the Anafi or drop the price by $100 to $200 to increase market share and make the Anafi more attractive to buyers. Although the Yuneec Mantis Q has just come out, I think it is an inferior product when compared to the Anafi, but it is much more aggressively priced than the Anafi, hence uninformed people who shop by price may buy it over the Anafi.
Happy to see price drops on any drone. We need more competition between the manufacturers. I have already made up my mind to buy the Anafi even at the current price, but I am not in a hurry and a price drop would be welcomed. I already have a Mavic Pro so a price drop on it does not interest me. Since DJI did not make any of the new equipment compatible with the old, I would have to buy new batteries, filters, chargers, cases and such if I upgrade to the MP2.
The Anafi has several features that the DJI products do not.
No data sent to China
Camera can look up
No props or prop shadows in view
21 Mp stills
2.8 lossless zoom (M2Z has zoom but it is $1250.)
Light weight
Extremely quiet
USB charging
For me, the Anafi is already competitive.
I ve been using Anafi ro a few days now and pretty much like except for one thing: range. So far i havent been able to go beyond 700 to 800' using automatic settings getting the "strong interference" error. While i was never expecting Anafi to exceed the rand of my previous Sparks, it falls way short of the 4000' range i routinely got out of Spark

I ll start a new thread on range but if indeed Mavic Pro shows up on Amazon Prime Day clzoe to the orice of Anafi it is a no brainer to me
I am still on the fence regarding purchasing the Anafi. One of my main concerns is range and PascalG comment's concerns me. I like the camera on the Anafi with the zoom and 180 degree tilt, but continually hear about range issues and RC lag with the Anafi. I own a Spark and a Mavic Pro right now and I probably fly the Spark more often than the Mavic since it is easier to pack and carry. I live in a typical suburban area of Chicago and I routinely have an excellent solid signal on my Spark up to about 2,000 feet. I mostly fly within 1,000 feet of my home point and my Spark is rock solid in that range. Today, I flew along a greenway/river near my home and got out about 2,100 feet with the Spark before my signal degraded. Again, this is with a lot of homes and wifi in the area. Can I expect the same out of the Anafi?

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