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Minimum temp limitation


Sep 13, 2018
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Hey everybody, just purchased a Bebop 2 not too long ago. I've been ready a lot of forums about people having trouble with flying in cold temperatures. I currently live in Grand Forks, North Dakota and it can get to -20f in the winter. I know that I will never fly in that temperature but I was just curious what your thoughts on when the absolute lowest temp I should fly at my thought was that I was going to stop when it gets down to about 20f. Thanks for the help and happy flying!

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Pretty much the only thing that limits flying in the winter is battery life. Lipo batteries suffer in the cold. Keep them warm until you go to fly. I use a small cooler with heated bean bags to keep them warm. I have flown my other UAVs in minus 20 degree weather plenty of times. You just need to stay warm. Your feet and fingers will give out before the drone.
Here is my winter setup for keeping my hands warm.


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I never fly any of my drone fleet when temperatures goes below 40F. Even in the manual says that.

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I live in Minnesota, I tried an idea and am suprised at its outcome.
The drone Battery does ok in the cold(10 degrees F) but the controller got cold and dropped to 5% in 10 mins., what should I do? I know,, I covered up the controllers bottom (taped them on) with hand warmers I got at Menards. IT WORKED GREAT AND KEPT MY FINGERS WARM... try that my friend.

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