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Jan 20, 2019
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I'm a new member in this forum, 61 years old from Illertissen, Bavaria/Germany. Started into drones with a Blade 350QX and use now several Yuneec drones. For those drones I wrote a program to analyze and convert Flight Log data as stand-alone application for PC. Currently I maintain this program still (now I can say since years...).

I was invited by another user to try to create a similar application for logs from Anafi. That's the only reason why I'm here. I have no experiences with Parrots birds nor plan to buy one (maybe change my mind...).

Let's move to Anafi log related threats. See you there.

best regards, HE
Welcome to the forum. I am sure that your experience in both flying drones and programming will be much appreciated.
Welcome and thanks for trying to help out.
It is great to see you here.
If you need anything just let me or the members here know what you need.
Thank you.
I'm on to look around here in Germany to get files and explanations but be sure, in future I will come to this forum with many questions and requests.:rolleyes:

br HE
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For the forum members Helmut will need log files. Good flights and the bad flights like crashes. If he needs files or needs some clarification on a file please help out. All in formation provided will help out in a better end program that we all can use. Remember he is doing this in his free time so be nice :)

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