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No Longer Available for Sale

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Jul 14, 2019
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No Longer Available for sale

For Sale 1 Parrot Anafi Work - Used - Not Complete Parrot Anafi Work Package

DOES NOT INCLUDE - Pix4D Model Software
DOES NOT INCLUDE - 3 Batteries. It only includes 2 batteries

This is only being sold as a package and will not be split up

Cost: $500

Shipping: Buyer Pays
Payment: Paypal

Parrot Anafi - Link to Manufacturer: ANAFI
Purchased 10/19/2019 from Drone Nerds . com
Flights: 62
Flight Hours: 9.43
Crashes: 0
Firmware: 1.65

Firmware: 1.63

1 - 28 Missions, 4.1 Hours, 22 Charges
2 - 30 Missions, 5.7 Hours, 24 Charges

Package for Sale:
1 - Parrot Anafi
1 - Skycontroller 3
2 - Batteries
2 - Original Battery Terminal Protectors
2 - Dirty J Designs Battery Terminal Protectors
1 - Original Gimbal Guard
1 - Anbee Gimbal Guard
4 - Dirty J Designs Landing Leg Protectors
1 - Parrot Anafi Tablet Holder
1 - US Power Cord
1 - Euro Power Cord
1 - Parrot Anafi 4 Port Multi-port USB Charger
4 - USB A to C Charging cables
1 - SanDisk Industrial 16 GB Memory Card
1 - Tablet Length 90 Degree offset USB-A to iPad Lightning Cable
1 - Cell Phone Length USB-A to C Cable
1 - Cell Phone Length USB-A to Micro USB Cable
1 - Parrot Anafi Compact Shoulder Bag
1 - Parrot Anafi Flight Safety Manual
1 - Parrot Anafi Quickstart Guide
1 - Parrot Anafi Work Original Box
1 - Parrot Anafi Tablet Holder Original Box

The aircraft was flown commercially and civilly under Part 107. The majority of missions were flown autonomously using Pix4D Capture collecting imagery for development of orthomosaics and 3D models of beach erosion. The aircraft never landed in the beach sand and always landed on the boardwalk or dedicated landing pad. The aircraft was never flown in rain or fog. The batteries were never stored in hot vehicles and were never left connected to the charger after a full charge. When not in use they were allowed to go into battery protection mode by discharging and then going to sleep.
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