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No medias - SD Card Empty (With Photos and Videos on SD card)


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Dec 31, 2018
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Has anyone else had this issue? Took some videos and pictures on the drone but can't access them through the app. Normally not a problem but I took some panorama images and 360 panorama and you can only get these stitched together through the app. See screenshot below.

I have never experienced that but all is not lost as any free Pano program will work with your photos on the card. The 360 has 42 photos to make up your 360 pano. Microsoft ICE works pretty well and its free. There are others that are free also. Most good photo editing software will stitch vertical or horizontal Panos.

Have you tried rebooting the phone and Anafi to see if it is just a glitch and a reboot can solve it?
After playing around a bit, it was because I had it connected to the Anafi WiFi and USB cable. If I disconnected the Anafi WiFi I could then see the media files.

Side note, do you connect to the Anafi WiFi and USB cable to the controller when flying? Or is it better just the USB cable with the controller?
I think that it is better to put your phone/tablet into flight mode and connect it to the controller with a USB cable. I believe that this is covered in the instruction manual.
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