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No sound or vibration when low on battery


Aug 25, 2018
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I would like to hear a beep when the battery gets below a certain treshold (preferably customizable). I know the anafi returns when battery low but that only works when it is more than 20 meters (?) away. Last week it suddenly landed because the battery was empty. Luckily it was on grass but imagine if i was flying above water...

I also own a parrot swing and the freeflight mini app beeps when you get below 10% battery power.

Perhaps I just need to look at the battery% more, but imo it would be a welcome improvement.

Is it just me or do you also have this experience?
Indeed, like the competition I would like a real-time safe flight time remaining indicator along with voice alerts.
I have not tested yet, but that’s what Parrot claims as an improvement in today’s new version.
Let’s test it this week-end !!
They state in the parrot.blog :

« Pour voler plus sereinement, les alertes ont été améliorées pour vous permettre d’avoir plus d’informations sur l’état de votre drone et mieux comprendre son fonctionnement. Vous serez notamment notifié par un message et une vibration lors d’un atterrissage forcé, d’un problème sur la nacelle, d’un signal GPS faible ou d’une carte SD pleine. »

Sorry for the poor translation but it means :

« For a « zen » flight, alerts have improved to allow more info on the drone status and a better understanding of its actual operating. You will be notified by a message and it will vibrate during forced landing, a gimbal problem, a weak GPS or a full SD card »
.... I hope they won’t forget low battery alerts !!
I have tested the flight up to 4% battery. The only alert I got was the ‘low battery ‘ alert on the screen, no beep nor vibration on the radiocommand.
As I fly with an iPad mini 4, I did not have a sound coming from the iPad either (and I do not expect a vibration from the iPad... as it does not vibrate).
Yeah my findings were the same. No sound, just an alert on screen. Hopefully that will change with a future update.

Thanks for testing Phil!
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I get the vibration alert for week signal between controller and drone. Must have been a good 300 metres away...

No other vibration alerts.
Thanks for the info !
Just to be sure, did the vibration come from the radio command or from your phone ?

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