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Old castle of Duino


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Oct 16, 2018
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The ruins of an ancient castle overlooking the sea. A legend.
Shooting with drone of the old castle of Duino.

The legend of the White Lady
according to some stories the name of the lady would be Esterina da Portole, a noblewoman married to the lord of the castle; these, according to the versions, would have been a man strongly jealous or otherwise evil, who persecuted the poor woman and wounded her with cruel words.
Despite this, the woman endured the difficult cohabitation perhaps blinded by the love that she still managed to bring to the horrible spouse, which probably did nothing but exacerbate her cruel soul. It is said that one night the man asked his wife to meet him under the walls of the castle, where he attracted her to him with sweet words; the poor woman should not believe her ears as accustomed to her husband's brutality, and it is easy to imagine her approaching her husband with a hopeful spirit. It was at this moment that her husband acted his last, and most terrible, cruelty: grabbed the woman, threw her down the cliff.
Legend has it that as she fell, poor Esterina turned to heaven, perhaps in search of divine help, and gave a desperate cry. The scream, however, died in her throat and the woman never touched the icy waters of the sea: while the woman was falling in fact suddenly turned into a white rock.

This, however, was not the end of the woman: legend has it that, from that same rock in which it had been transformed, on certain nights the spirit of the unfortunate noblewoman is raised. Then, during the night, the white lady of Duino wanders among the ruins of the castle, looking for the room where her son slept. Three times, during the same night, it is said that the lady appears and disappears with a candlestick, wandering through the ruins of the castle before returning to rest in the rock at the first light of dawn.

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