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Orbit speed?

Anyone knows if its possible to change the speed of the orbit function?

Sorry no one is answering. I can’t test it right now to figure it out. I did have the Anafi follow me in a car a few times a couple weeks ago... and did orbits at various speeds by using the right controler stick. I’ve done the same using camera man. Been busy (and testing out a different drone), but if I get the opportunity I’ll try to test it out.

Meantime, if you do figure it out, report back here for the next guy.
Thank you for your answer!
I wish there was some kind of on-screen slider or numerical input to set before the orbit begins, so that I dont have to mess around with it while its already going on.
If thats not possible, it would be great just to slow it down using the stick while its going on!

Thanks again!
I have always found any use the joysticks would cancel out the event. I wish there was better documentation on the antonymous features. There are PDF for FreeFlightPro_User-guide_EN that explains things better but it does not talk about the finer controls that should be there.
Has anyone tried to increase the orbit speed by increasing the Film mode Max inclination? Is the orbit seed set at the max inclination of Film mode? I meant to test this yesterday, but it got too cold and dark too fast for me to do so.
Just tested increasing the Film mode Max inclination, and it did not increase the orbit speed. After asked, I thought it probably wouldn't work, but I still did the test.

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