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Parrot Anafi camera profile added to Adobe products

Thanks for the info, I’ll check Lightroom after update this week-end and will give you feedback.
It should bring camera shots with the Anafi to another level !
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So for those who use Windows 10 and want to use the Anafi Lens Profile in Lightroom without Camera Raw update (because a simple lightroom update will not update the lens profile), all you need to do is :

- Close Lightroom first
- Download the above file as posted by Alex (Thanks to him)
- Extract the 2 enclosed files in a temporary file (or selected them and right click 'Copy')
- Paste them in a non-visible folder (so first ensure in windows file browser that the 'show masked elements' is selected) that is called :
C:\Users\'User name'\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\CameraRaw\LensProfiles\1.0
- Restart Lightroom
- Develop module / Lens Correction / Profile, activate the "Lens Correction'
- Choose "Brand : Parrot" then "Model : Anafi".

It works perfectly !! thanks to you all.

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Thanks a lot for the profile!
One question, the lens profile should be used only on the DNG or JPG not rectified ?

Thanks in advance
Would it be possible to post uncorrected and Lightroom corrected images, please? I'm wondering about buying LR. Thanks!
my 2 cent option is Photoshop, shooting in raw format and using ACR (adobe camera raw) within Photoshop for me creates best work flow.

I agree but I also disagree. Many things can be done in camera raw but Lightroom blow it out of the water for detail work. I use both Lightroom and photoshop when editing photos. Photoshop to me is just a extension of light room. Once I have adjusted my photo to pretty much where I want it I will use the edit option in lightroom to bring up photoshop where I can change skies or use a filter that lightroom will not allow me to use. Once I have edited in photoshop I then can then click and be back in lightroom for the final adjustments. Here is one I did this morning



Lightroom is designed for DNG\Raw and does a much better job then camera raw.
Basically all camera raw is tone mapping. It will work but not as good as lightroom that has many other options.
Thank you for this Alex, it works perfectly. I was very disappointed when I found that the Anafi only captures RAW in the distorted wide-angle mode, so this LCP is wonderful!
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Interesting thread, thanks @Agustine for sharing that Lightroom has the Anafi profile! Looking forward to trying it out, but also creating my own profile for it with the Adobe profile creator just to see if there's any differences. I'm a pedant, I can't help it!

For those thinking that Lightroom & ACR are different beasts, they are not! Have a read of this article on SLR Lounge to find out the exact differences between them, but basically, they use the exact same engine under the hood & achieve the same things!

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